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Saaz is a foreign hop variety developed in Czech Republic and used in pilsner beers. Saaz is an aroma hop with low alpha; it has a citrus/flowery flavour. The plant produces small hops and is susceptible to powdery mildew. Saaz is grown in the Czech Republic, Belgium and the USA. Although difficult to grow, this hop is highly regarded in the brewing industry globally.

Saaz will grow to approx. 15-20 feet once mature. All orders are accepted from December and despatched early in the New Year; this hop plant typically sells out by the summer. We will deliver this rhizome as a bare root hop plant, carefully wrapped in damp moss to ensure it's ready to be planted upon arrival.

Please note, we send bare root hop plants overseas but we do not offer a replacement or refund if the hop plant fail due to your growing conditions. Hops need cold conditions in the winter otherwise they will not grow; some hop varieties take longer than others to emerge.

**Trade Customers**

All trade customers who require large quantities than the available listed, please contact trade@essentiallyhops.co.uk.

Price: 8.95