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Target is an English hop variety with a mid to high alpha hop, bred from Kent Goldings in 70’s at Wye. Target has a red stem like Challenger but with a deeper green leaf. The cone is smaller but more abundant, with a higher alpha than Challenger. Very resistant to disease. Used in the production of good quality bitters and pale ales. Alpha acid 9.5%-12.5%.

Target hop plant will grow to approx. 2 meters once mature. All orders will be accepted from December and dispatched early in the New Year. This hop plant sells out by the summer. We will deliver this rhizome as a bare root hop plant, wrapped in damp moss to ensure it's ready to be planted upon arrival.

Please note, we send bare root hop plants overseas, but we do not offer a replacement or refund if the hop plant fails due to your growing conditions. Hop plants need cold conditions in the winter. Otherwise, they will not grow. Some hop varieties take longer than others to emerge.

**Trade Customers**

All trade customers who require large quantities than the available listed, please contact trade@essentiallyhops.co.uk.

Price: 7.95